Our Vision – English

The Philippines is a democratic country. We were given the right and power to participate in our country’s decision making to achieve its full potential. But it seems that we can only exercise our democratic power during the election period. This is the only time when our voice is being heard and valued. Aspiring government officials step down from their pedestal to win our trust by their sweet words and promises for them to gain our vote. After the election, we continue living our own lives while watching the elected government officials do things for their own advantage. It’s true that we can voice out our ideas on social media platforms, but it seems like we are just making noise that they don’t even bother try to listen to. They seem to shut their ears from ideas and criticisms just because they have the power to do so. They say that we have a democratic society, but they just ignore our ideas consistently.

What we have now is an “open-loop democratic system”, a system that has no room for ideas from simple citizens of our country. And a system without a proper feedback and acceptance of constructive criticisms won’t attain stability and prosperity. Have you ever been asked by these government officials about your ideas on how they can serve our country well? We’re sure that many of us has meaningful ideas that could propose creative and innovative ideas to make our country flourish.

Our vision is to create a safe platform to voice out our ideas on improving the governance in our country. The name of this platform, ideyaPH (ee-de-ya PH), is the direct Filipino translation of the word “idea” to entail our website’s patriotic and clean intentions.

In this online platform, every Filipino can share their own IDEYA, polish other’s IDEYA and vote to prioritize a specific IDEYA that they believe can bring big impact on how our elected leaders can fully serve our country. Ideya can be a safe place for you to practice your freedom of speech about government programs, policies and other timely issues that our country is experiencing. It’s time for our IDEYAs to be heard and see a real change!


This platform is non-partisan, non-political and non-biased. Every ideya that you are going to share with us will be screened first before it gets posted.  Once approved, your ideya will be sent to the intended government offices. Furthermore, all approved ideya will be posted on our social media pages as well.

FLEX your ideya! Change can start from you!